You would like to organise the 2016 session of the FMA workshop.

Here is the procedure:

Please, write a proposal and send it to olivier.adam@upmc.fr before the 17th of July 2015.


The FMA2015 program committee will vote/decide.


Please, include information like the following (provisionally, if necessary):

- Hosting Institution
- Members of local organizing committee
- Proposed dates for the workshop. Please note that the AAWM conference (http://www.aawmjournal.com/conference.htm) in 2016 are June 8-11... if you can avoid these dates, it will be appreciated.

- Aim of the workshop
- How to secure continuity with previous editions, both for community and organizational format?
- How to facilitate interdisciplinarity

- Selection procedure for papers (if different)
- Plan for proceedings publication (if different)

- ... anything else that convinces the program committee members that FMA2015 is in safe hands with you.

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